Rustblock® is a highly effective rust proofing product that has been tested and refined to protect and maintain all types of vehicles against the damaging effects of corrosion.

Our suggested retail prices for a Rustblock® application are set by vehicle types.

Small and medium size cars


All minivans, full size cars, small 2 door pickup trucks, small SUV’s


Full size 2 door pickups, 3 or 4 door small pickups, medium sized SUV’s


Full size 3 or 4 door pickups, large size SUV’s, full size vans


Crew cabs, super cabs, club cabs


Applied as a high-pressured spray, Rustblock® protects your vehicle’s most critical areas by penetrating, displacing existing moisture and forming a protective barrier to the many vulnerable crevices found in today’s vehicles.
Rustblock® Dealers will use all the existing holes provided by the manufacturer, however, certain critical areas cannot be accessed without drilling. To avoid the consequences of drilling, Rustblock® Dealers will use a special drill bit that will not heat up the metal area. Once the area has been treated we protect every hole by applying a special protective product and esthetic plastic caps.

We strongly recommend that the Rustblock® product be applied on an annual basis. Rustblock® contains active ingredients that will continue to protect your vehicle for over one year, however, since vehicles are subject to road abrasives during the winter months and other aggresive conditions, Rustblock® should be reapplied annually for optimum protection.


Rustblock® will not repair existing rust but it will slow down its progress considerably.
Rustblock® will issue a warranty certificate to vehicles less than 3 years old that have been inspected and approved by one of our authorized dealers.

Our warranty covers the front and rear fender panels, the doors, the rocker panels, the hood, the trunk lid, back panel and the underside of the vehicle. If any of these treated areas develops rust from the inside of the panel out, we will repair the damaged area free of charge. Our warranty is renewable annually forever, as long as the vehicle is resprayed each year. The warranty can also be transferred to a new owner. Click here to read our warranty certificate.


Rustblock® does not void new car warranties.


If necessary, Rustblock® Dealers will remove any accumulations of dirt under your fenders and in other sensitive areas before the vehicle is treated.

Rustblock® displaces moisture and can be applied in any season.

Rustblock® was designed not to drip; only the excess product will drip up to 48 hours following the application.

We will wash your car immediately after the application.