Rust Proofing Pressure Pot 2 Quart Kit



This rust proofing spray equipment is perfect for businesses wanting professional results. The 2 Liter pressure pot system is very light and easy to use and maintain.


The RP-460 HD gun atomizes the material by mixing air with the product in the gun’s spray head. The wands included with the system have a variety of angles and fan shapes for general applications.
​• Professional Quality
​• Deluxe Version
​• All metal gun body
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean​
Included with the kit:

  • 45 degree x 10’’ hook wand with top quality 18’’ flex hose with a handle and swivel
  • One flexible 360 degree wand
  • One 90 degree hook wand
  • One round nozzle
  • One flat nozzle for direct application
  • A quick coupler on the gun to allow fast changes between nozzle and wand.
  • Dual air regulator with gauge
  • 5 feet twin hose
Pressure: 4-6 cfm @ 60 psi
Maximum pressure: 125 psi at the gun
50 psi at the Pot
Air inlet: 1/4″ NPS-M
Container size: 2 liters

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 7 in


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